Tony Pett

A World Only Known to Few


Tony Pett was born in 1969 in Montana and studied at Saint Mary’s College of California in Moraga. Since 1988, his work has been exhibited at the Hearst Art Gallery, California 1989 – 1992; and a few select locations in Montana. By choice, his work has had limited exposure to anyone, until now.

Tony began playing tennis at the age of 5 and started traveling the U.S. by himself, at age 12. With exposure to the outside world that only few get to experience in a lifetime, Tony learned how to survive on the street at a young age. From the crack addicts of Philadelphia, to the Bubble Lady of Berkeley, the stamped concrete in Ann Arbor stating, “A woman was raped here”, the Police of Muncie, Indiana and the nude beaches of Vancouver, British Columbia it was just the beginning of an adventure for a young teenager.

He is influenced on many levels. Rodney Allen Greenblat and his whimsical world. Kenny Scharf and his futuristic approach to popular culture. Roy Schmaltz, one of California’s finest landscape painters. Jean-Michel Basquiat for not being afraid. Bjorn Borg for always being at his side. This just touches the surface for inspiration. Music, people on the street, hero’s, the curve balls that come with life, they all play a key role for creating momentum and ideas.

His past and present is finally being brought to life on canvas.